Thursday, July 20, 2006

7 - 7

Along twelfth avenue, between Commercial and Clark (and beyond, in both directions), there are signs that have the no stopping image (might be the no parking image), and beneath the image: 7am-7pm.

Except for one sign, which is right near Woodlands Street traveling westbound. Instead of 7am-7pm, it reads 7pm-7am. I'm tempted to go and park right beside that sign at about, hmmmm, let's say 7:05am, and leave it there. The morning rush hour commuters would love me, they'd be yelling encouraging words out their windows I'm sure. I would just smile and point to the sign.

Around noon, I would make my way back to where I left the car, and if it hadn't been towed I would be tremendously surprised. If it was towed I would then make my way to Buster's to get my car back; telling them upon my arrival that I expect to get my car back without paying a fee. In fact, I would tell them, I expect to be compensated, as they had no right to touch my car, let alone tow my car. I read and reread the sign, saw that I was in the right to stop/park there, and did.

I would then contact (see: sue) the city. I would want reimbursement for the cost of retrieving my car should Buster's force me to pay, reimbursement for the cost of bus fare that it took me to get to Buster's, and reimbursement for my troubles (emotional trauma).

This is a plan that I will not follow through with. I invite you to follow through with it. Be my eyes and ears and tell me how it goes.

(and that, my friends, was my very first blog post as a married man! ta da!)

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el jeffé said...

well bravo! *clap, clap, clap*
glad to see you havent lost your touch.