Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lemming Lottery

Two recent things I've come across.

The first is the picture on display (click it to enlarge it, as I tell all the.... uhh, never mind..). On display in the displayed picture is some well-worded graffiti for oodles of commuters.

The second is this news story of a guy who had a ticket for the $42 million lottery, read the winning lottery numbers in his local newspaper, realized that his numbers matched up perfectly (what a mind-numbing experience that must have been), ony to find out hours later that the paper had printed the wrong numbers. The man and his lawyer are expecting some moola from the paper, ready to sue if need be. But what the story doesn't mention: what about the possibility that someone else, or someones else, had the real winning ticket, read the newspaper's incorrect numbers, and promptly ripped up their ticket and tossed it into their bright yellow recycling bag? Way to go, Gazette.

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