Monday, August 28, 2006


Dear Blog Readers,

Hey how's it going? I haven't been blogging much lately, as you may have noticed. (But at least it's more recent than July 4th on my blog, right Andrea?!) Attended K&C's wedding on Saturday. That was a hoot. Had a big semi-final baseball win yesterday. That was a hoot. The work side of things has been slow, giving Biscotti and I time aplenty to take the dogs for walks and hikes. Usually it's been Lynn Valley, the Norvan Falls section. Good uphill exercise, and good river swim time for the dogs to cool off and clean off simultaneously.

I've been doing some thinking lately about email, as compared to letter writing. The thinking has been narrowly focused on one item: PS. When composing a letter or some such correspondence, either handwritten or typewritten, it was a common enough occurrence for the writer to want to include more after they had already signed their name that the PS was commonly used, shorthand for post-script. Better that than having to start all over again. As computers replaced typewriters, letters more often became word documents or emails. Thus, if one wanted to include more info after completion, all one had to do was make the cursor go to the necessary spot, and insert the wise words. No PSs required. Therefore, you would think that the PS would become extinct. Not so.

I see there being two possible reasons that PS continues in word documents and in emails.
  1. Laziness. The cursor is already right there, at the end of your name, so you may as well just plug in the data there rather than scrolling back up the page and finding a suitable home for your enlightening articulation.
  2. A nod to the past.
I tend to think it's numero deuce. What do you think?


PS. What part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated.

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