Sunday, February 13, 2005

Oh Brother

A couple of summers ago I was at the outdoor pool at Second Beach in Stanley Park on a b-e-a-youtiful day. I was on an outing with my sister, my sister's husband (my brother-in-law), my dad, my dad's two young boys (my brothers), and Biscotti. There, the scene is set.

One of my younger brothers had brought along some oversized sunglasses. And by oversized I don't just mean relative to his 5-year-old noggin.. They would've been oversized on you, me, the mail carrier and probably even Bo Jackson.. Not that Bo Jackson has a huge noggin. He might, but that's something I just don't know.. He was the biggest sports hero of mine, which is why I mention his name of all names. But that's not why you called. My younger brother was sitting with his eyes facing the sun and decided it was time to don the sunglasses. So he puts them on and it looks quite amusing. My brother-in-law then says, while looking right at my younger brother, "Wow, look at the cool kid with the huge sunglasses". To that, my younger brother proceeds to quickly take off the sunglasses and spin his head around to spot this "cool kid". It was the cutest and funniest thing ever! He kept looking for a few seconds, while we cracked up, and then we explained to him that in fact, he was the cool kid wearing the huge sunglasses. I don't think he understood though, because we saw him looking around again after the explanation, in search of this kid that had us cracking up with his huge sunglasses.. As he looked around more, we would laugh more, and that would make him want to find the kid more, as he was seemingly missing out on something very funny. All because he didn't know that he was the "cool kid". It was a sweet moment.

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