Tuesday, February 01, 2005


My cousin, who responds to the name "Ross", got married this past weekend! To a girl I haven't met, who answers to Renee. It may be spelt Renée. Or it may be spelt Albuquerque, but with accents in the right places to have it sound like "Renée". I should know how it's spelt. My apologies. In my defense, however weak this defense may be, I haven't yet met her. The wedding was half a world away, a few kilometres north of Middle-Earth territory.. When I first heard about the wedding, I was hoping Biscotti and I could make it there, but the timing just didn't work. My mom went as the rep for the Canadian contingent. In the not-too-distant future Biscotti and I will be there. I'll be introducing her to my relatives, we'll both be introduced to my cousin's wife, and then we'll "glide quietly beneath the lights of thousands of glowworms" in the Waitomo Caves, with "only the gentle sound of dripping water" to remind us that we "are deep underground and not beneath a star filled sky".

Congratulations Ross and Renée.

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