Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Watch jPod

Friends, family, and passersby, here's the thing.

In January, CBC unveiled jPod, an amazing new TV show based on Douglas Coupland's novel. No doubt due to lack of advertising, not many people watched the premiere, but, mostly via word of mouth, more and more people were tuning in each week, despite its move from Tuesdays to kiss-of-death Fridays.

Unfortunately, CBC canceled jPod partway through the first season. However, the rest of the season still aired, and a fan campaign was launched to save jPod. After the first season ended, jPod was nominated for 15 Leo Awards and walked away with 4 wins!. (The Leo Awards honour the best in British Columbian television and film production.) CBC is now re-airing jPod's first season in a better timeslot: Thursdays at 8pm, starting June 19th. This is a perfect opportunity to save this unique show!

If you haven’t seen jPod yet, it’s a humourous Canadian TV show set in Vancouver. It follows a group of videogame designers at work, set upon a backdrop of hilarious and over-the-top events — for example, Carol Jarlewski is a mother and wife who is involved in grow-ops, drug dealing and murders, and Kam Fong is a Chinese mafia kingpin who traffics humans. Alan Thicke is fantastic as Jim Jarlewski, a father character quite different from Growing Pains' Jason Seaver.

Two videos to whet your appetite: Snart and Jim's Crisis.

If you've already seen jPod, enjoy it again for the first time and help make a second (and third, and fourth) season a reality.

Whether you're a jPod newbie or veteran, you should definitely be tuning in to watch this awesome show on CBC in its new timeslot: Thursdays at 8pm, starting June 19th.

New to jPod? Check out this link.

*Disclaimer* -- The first episode of jPod, like many pilots, doesn’t do justice to the rest of the series. jPod gets better with each episode thereafter and truly hits a fantastic stride. So stay tuned beyond the first episode - you’ll be glad you did!

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