Monday, June 02, 2008

Pud & Haus

Who else was totally enthralled with the two-hour season finale of Lost on Thursday? Hot diggity was that a suspenseful episode. But that's not why I'm here. I'm offering you an opportunity to discover your Sawyer nickname. You know, the nickname that "His Seaside Surliness" would give you if you were one of the Oceanic Flight 815 survivors. Ta git yer nick, go to this page of the official Lost website on ABC. It takes about 20 seconds. I'm Pud and Biscotti is Haus.


gloria said...

apparently depending on my mood i get one of 2 names

spacebar (impulsive)


chairman mao (thoughtful)

i think i like spacebar better

jblue said...

hey glo! d'ya watch lost?

i like spacebar better too. i like it better than chairman mao and better than pud and better than haus. you are now spacebar to me.

bye spacebar!

gloria said...

hahhaha no actually i dont but thats mostly b/c after the 1st season my work shifts kept interfering with my TV watching. oh well and i dont really watch much TV anyways.

ta ta pud

Betty said...

I'm freebird! Me like!

jblue said...

oooh, freebird! very nice! freebird - such a romantic sounding name. and from what i know about you from reading your blog, with your many endeavors and various talents (literary and musical to name a couple) it suits you very well. you should come by my blog more often..

sorry spacebar, i think you've been beat.

Betty said...

Aww...thanks, jblue! =) I will come visit more often! I'm more of a hermit than a freebird, unfortunately, but for you I'll make an effort to get out of my shell and fly your way. LOL!

jblue said...

you're welcome justbetty! i just read your post about your studies and your business and your side businesses and your big day, so, no worries about not flying my way too often - and CONGRATULATIONS!