Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Overheard in Vancouver

[Two France fans have just watched and listened as all the Italy fans stood up and sang Italy's national anthem as it played on the television. The France anthem is now playing and the Italy fans are razzing the two France fans for neither standing nor singing.]

One of the France fans: Shhhhh, we're listening.

-- Caffe Roma, 17.06.2008

overheard by: me


Betty said...

Someone's got a new look for his blog too, I see. =) I can't find your email from the comment box, but mail me at justbetty.w@gmail.com and I'll add you in facebook. I gotta warn you though, I'm not very active in there. Mostly I just go in to see the pix my friends post up. =)

jblue said...

done and done. good to see you here!