Saturday, April 05, 2008

Vegas -Lights

It's been over two weeks since Biscotti and I got back from Las Vegas, Nevada, so a Vegas post is overdue. First time there for both of us and it was a grand four-day/three-night stay. The night before our flight out of Bellingham, minimal trip preparation had been done, but there was a Canucks game on PPV and I wanted to watch it at The Cottage [Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood Pub - editor]. Yes, this was back when their games held importance.

Heading out the front door to begin our short walk, Biscotti shut the door before asking, "got your keys?", prompting me to pat my pockets and get nervous. I didn't have mine and Biscotti didn't have hers and we were now locked out of our house. So we began our walk and I phoned my mother who graciously agreed to drive over to The Cottage with her copy of our house key sometime in the next two and a half hours.

In the end the Canucks won, we got back into our house, and the packing didn't take too long so a good amount of sleep was had. Here now, is a recap of our Vegas trip, in the form of a highlights and lowlights list.

  • Packing too many clothing items - a Vegas run? Ha!
  • Plethora of activities with our money-saving Power Pass
  • Getting to our first-night show on Fremont
  • Our first-night show (I'm a Chippendale?)
  • The River Pool at MGM Grand (1,000 feet or 8,000 feet)
  • Long walk from our room to the River Pool
  • Star Trek Experience
  • Biscotti riding Sahara's Speed: The Ride (post loop, coaster "accelerates from 35 mph to 70 mph in just two seconds")
  • Rim Runner and Canyon Blaster at Circus Circus's Adventuredome Theme Park
  • Biscotti riding The Roller Coaster at New York-New York
  • Playing a slot game we actually enjoy
  • Playing blackjack at a table for the first time ever
  • Releasing four books - one journaled already
  • Two buffet meals a day - except for a midnight meal at Studio Cafe and a meal at Planet Hollywood
  • Having our midnight meal next to newlyweds who had been married four hours
  • Finding Planet Hollywood, and their grill being broken
  • Riding public transit to the outlets and back
  • A leaking bottle of apple juice in our bag
  • The busyness and excitement of March Madness
  • "Touring" King Tut Museum at Luxor
  • Stand-up comedy at Tropicana's The Comedy Stop
  • Taking Pete Rose's picture

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