Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Running in a Half

I've been running regularly since last August. At the end of February I started to keep track of the location and duration of each run. By posting each run's route and time on my blog I'm motivated to keep running, both in the general lifestyle sense and in the specific not-feeling-so-great-today sense. Today, for the first time in years, I went for a run on city sidewalks, instead of the woodsy trails of Pacific Spirit Park.

While running the park's trails is great for a variety of reasons (don't have to stop for red lights and cars; the freshest air in town; soft-ish ground surface for the feet; the dogs tag along and get a lot of exercise), I need to run city sidewalks more often and here's why: in less than three weeks I'm running a half-marathon. There. It's out there. The Vancouver Half-Marathon on May 4th will be my first half-marathon. To prepare my body, my training runs should be similar to what I'll experience on that fateful Sunday. It means leaving the dogs at home, which sucks, but it's what's best for me.

Today's run route
Start at E King Edward Ave & Inverness St, south on Inverness St, right at E 31st Ave, left at Windsor St, right at E 37th Ave, right at Kersland Dr, cross W 33rd Ave, follow an unnamed Queen Elizabeth Park road clockwise, right at sidewalk next to pitch and putt golf course, follow path counterclockwise to the parking lot, through the parking lot, left at W 37th Ave, left at Windsor St, right at E King Edward Ave, end at Inverness St.
Today's run time
53 minutes 21 seconds


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