Friday, April 11, 2008

mailover7 and I were BFF

From: -
(1/2) Hey, I got your number from a friend of mine, but I bet you can't guess who I am! My name's mailover7, if you wanna come see if yo
7:12pm 3/30/08

From: -
(2/2) u recognize me online, at Well hope to see you soon!
7:12pm 3/30/08

On Sunday March 30th Biscotti and I drove down to the states for the day; our cell phones were turned off to prevent roaming charges. That evening, after crossing the border back into Canada, I turned my cell on and was subsequently alerted to at least one text message. In fact, I was blessed with two text messages, seen above. (Note that I didn't delete the from info; the texts came in exactly as shown above.) Then, last week, we had just walked through the doors of River Rock Casino in Richmond when Biscotti got text alerted. Same theme, different wording. Neither of us had received text spam before it hit my inbox on March 30th - indeed, up until then we hadn't even been aware of its existence.

I'd like it to be known that I hate hate hate the text messaging system on my cell phone. If you ever feel the need to text me, please keep it very short so I don't have to scroll. Otherwise I'll only read what is visible without scrolling. Telus - the future is (not user) friendly.


Anonymous said...

stop texting my phone you boob! I don't care who you are this is really annoying

jblue said...

eh? anonymous, i don't know who you are, but i am 100% sure i haven't texted you. the post clearly states that i am receiving, not giving, text spam.

Anonymous said...

I am a terminally ill woman who is house bound and I do NOT appreciate you trying to contact me via my PRIVATE phone. So kindly, FUCK OFF ASSHOLE. If you need friends that badly get a dog!! Fucking Freak.

jblue said...

anonymous 26/4/08 18:03 - you've recently received text spam, have you? yet, after taking the time to find my blog post you didn't even bother to read my short post nor my even shorter comment-as-answer-to-first-comment found directly above your comment. on the slim chance you come back this way, how 'bout reading the post before commenting again. reading the previous comments might also make for a learning experience. btw, i don't need friends, and i already have two dogs as can be seen and read in the about me section of this blog.

Anonymous said...

I just got a text that said the same thing except it was from thought it might be someone I met at the bar last night, but i didn't give my number to anyone so you are not alone!

jblue said...

a long overdue comment for anonymous 27/4/08 11:24..

thanks for your intelligent comment! such things had been lacking on this particular post. i'm happy to report that i haven't received text spam since that first occurrence - i hope you haven't received anymore either.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! I got an almost identical text today from a mailover7 - it came directly from the website so I can't even text back to say "Uh, who are you and why are you costing me money?"
Now I just need to figure out how to block spam from my cell. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I have received a very similar txt msg on my MotoQ - except name was butterbabe .. blah blah wanna come see if you recognize me online at so I went there what the heck - right? Weill I redirected to

As It Director for a mid-size texas company, I did a little research. this is what i found:

Whois Record
Registrant: Domains By Trust
Domain Name:
Domain servers in listed order:

For complete domain details go to:

Information From

Server Type:Apache/2.2.6 (Unix) PHP/5.2.5
IP Address: [Whois] [Reverse-Ip] [Ping] [DNS Lookup] [Traceroute]
IP Location: Canada - Ontario - Toronto - Globotech Communications
Response Code: 200
Blacklist Status: Clear
Domain Status: Registered And Active Website

jblue said...

anonymous 23/6/08 16:23 - sorry to hear it cost you money. i'm fairly certain i don't pay to read incoming texts (yeah, i should probably know for certain). i wouldn't worry about it, though. this post documented my very first text spam incident after seven years of having a cell. it's been almost three months since the text spam and it hasn't happened again. if it happens to you, say, two more times, then i'd do something..

anonymous 24/6/08 12:37 - thanks for the technical info. i won't use it, but maybe others (like anonymous before you) will.

Michael said...

I just got the same text today except from Does anyone know wtf this is?

Totallycoolkid said...

I got a text...well, two, from someone named this morning. I'm officially weirded out, but what I REALLY want to know is...


Eli said...


I got an idential message today. I called my phone provider. I did the same research you did trying to find a number for them. It went to a restaurant in Canada, and I could not find a real number. Long story short, I came across your site.

My phone provider suggested I text back "stop". I hope I didnt shoot myself in the foot and activate my number to be further harassed. Did you text back "stop" or anything? And have they messaged you again?

The thing that bothered me, is that it's not a real phone number they sent the spam from, it just said 5000 398. I will call my provider again later to have it blocked, but am unsure it will help.

Please tell me, what happened after your first post, besides that disgusting "terminal" woman who wrote you back?


Eli said...

I should say, rather, what happend since the third month after your post when you said they had not bothered you again? They still leaving you alone?


jblue said...

Sorry, Eli. I meant to comment right away and it completely slipped my mind. They are still leaving me alone - I got that one spam way back in March and absolutely nothing since. I didn't respond in any way whatsoever, well, 'cept for this blog post. I hope you get left alone from now on, too!

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