Wednesday, February 27, 2008

TSN Doubleheaders - again

On November 27th I sent TSN a comment regarding their delay in broadcasting a Canucks game that began at 7pm. They were airing a doubleheader, but the first game - involving the Leafs of course - began at 4:30pm and went into overtime and then into a shootout, so TSN didn't start airing the Canucks game until halfway through the first period. I suggested only airing doubleheader games that begin three hours apart, a la CBC, to avoid aggravating west coast fans.

TSN very rarely airs Canucks games, and yet today they've done it again. At 7pm I turn the TV on, put it on channel 30 to watch the Canucks take on the Avalanche, and hey! Look! The Leafs and Panthers have just begun overtime! Sweet! Two teams I care nothing about, who are in twelfth and thirteenth in the east, well back of the eighth and final playoff spot in the east. Forget letting Canucks fans watch the full game between two teams who are in seventh and ninth in the west and separated by just two points, give us the Leafs! TSN, you suck.

Now if you'll excuse me, the Leafs just won in a shootout and they've started airing the Canucks, this time only missing the first 6 minutes. You're getting better, TSN, but you still suck.

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