Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pink Settler Bullying

Yesterday I wore a pink shirt. I've been known to wear a pink shirt now and then, but yesterday I wore one for a reason - to make a stand against bullying. It's nice to make a day of it, but I wonder how many people who made a point of wearing pink yesterday won't do anything the next time they witness a bullying act, whether it's kids involved, or adults. Maybe they won't even recognize it as a bullying act. It reminds me of something a standup comic once said at Yuk Yuk's regarding March 21st as anti-racism day: shouldn't every day be anti-racism day?

Biscotti and I played Settlers of Catan last night with, or should I say against, L&G. I was wearing my pink shirt, but that didn't stop them from bullying me. They wouldn't trade with me, they built roads with the sole purpose of blocking my roads, and they kept putting the damn robber onto one of my frickin' numbers which meant stealing one of my cards and blocking me from collecting on future rolls of that number. And just when I thought they might be done bullying me (really? you're putting the robber on one of G's numbers? thanks!) they bullied me some more. But don't worry, I gave as much as I received, or tried to anyway; G won with 12 points, L and Biscotti tied with 8 points, and I finished last with 5 points. Is there a point to all this? Of course there is: if you don't want to engage in or witness bullying on anti-bullying day, don't play Settlers.

Today's run route
In Pacific Spirit Park, start at Sasamat Reservoir, down Sasamat, right at Council, left at Sword Fern, left at Long, left at Salish, left at Council, left at Sword Fern, left at Long, left at Sasamat, left at Council, left at Sword Fern, left at Long, left at Salish, right at Council, left at Sasamat, end at Sasamat Reservoir.
Today's run time
1 hour 9 minutes 5 seconds

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