Thursday, February 21, 2008

Exhibit at Winsor

Who: Photographer Chris Jordan

What: An exhibit of Jordan's work which "explores the complex phenomenon of American mass consumption... His previous series, titled Intolerable Beauty, depicted the appalling accumulated detritus of mass consumer society. Vivid color and striking compositions make Jordan's imagery engaging on a purely aesthetic level, while the message conveyed by his subject matter makes his work relevant socially as well."

When: Now until March 2nd

Where: Winsor Gallery - 3025 Granville St., Vancouver

Why: The What section above may as well read North American mass consumption, and the exhibit really is engaging, as well as thought-provoking. As an example, the following photo, titled CIGARETTE BUTTS, has this caption: 125,000 cigarettes are littered globally every second. This also represents the quantity of cigarettes of someone smoking a pack a day for 17 years.

Visit Winsor Gallery's website for more information.

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