Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ready or Not.. BRRANNNNG

A kid and I were waiting for school to be over and for the afterschool programs to begin.

Kid: When is the bell going to go?
Me: Let's see.. it's two forty-three, so in seventeen minutes.
Kid: I think the bell is playing hide-and-seek with us.
Me: ??


cher said...

if i'd have been there overhearing i might have tripped that kid.

jblueafterglow said...

that's funny, cuz that was my first instinct too. but he was sitting down so i had to settle for punching him in the face.

cher said...

a good option for sure.

i mean seriously, does that kid even know how many times you have played this concversation over in your head through the years? does he even care that now i am going to too? i mean hide and seek? really? *trip...*