Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jimmy Fallon "Car Wash for Peace"


rob said...

Off topic - Where do you get that facebook link?

jblueafterglow said...

had to check to remind myself.. took the opportunity to edit my badge. thanks!

on facebook, go to your profile page. at the bottom of the page click 'create a profile badge', then go to town - or stay on your computer and actually create a badge! hahahaha.. i'm frickin' hilarious!!

you probably want the 'blog badge' choice. as you'll see, several options, such as horizontal or vertical, and what to display on the badge. it's cool, when you change your facebook profile pic, the pic on your badge changes immediately also..

good luck. i'll keep an eye on your blog for a badge to appear. and also, 'the office' as a whole is brilliant.