Thursday, April 05, 2007

Reading Time; Biweekly*

Ever since I added bookmark holder to my sidebar many months ago, the link-image hasn't been changed much at all. That's because my bookmark holder hasn't changed much at all. I have so many books on my shelves that I want to get to, but with the daily Vancouver Sun (started a cheap 3-month trial on Wednesday), weekly Sports Illustrated (article on Luongo in this week's edition), weekly Georgia Straight (quality, entertaining writing), weekly Westender (entertaining writing), biweekly* Vancouver Courier (letters and kudos & kvetches always fun), textbooks (no comment), and life beyond the written word (facebook ain't helping none neither) all competing for my attention, my bookmark holder continually gets shafted. I am actively pursuing ways that I can give my bookmark holder more attention. Suggestions welcome. Taking my bookmark holder to read while standing in line-ups won't help as I seldom find myself standing in line-ups.

* I did a quick search to see if "biweekly" was the word I wanted to use here, to represent twice-a-week, as I've never grasped if biweekly means twice-a-week or once-every-two-weeks. After typing in "biweekly" at, which gave both options, and after reading this page, my confusion is warranted. Everybody, from now on "biweekly" means twice-a-week, and "fortnightly" means once-every-two-weeks. Not just here, everywhere. Correct others if you hear "biweekly" used incorrectly, and make them clarify if it's used ambiguously, and then correct them if they clarify wrongly. Eventually "biweekly" will no longer be ambiguous and "fortnightly" will be used with more frequency, which will be great as I love the word "fortnight", probably from reading The Famous Five a lot as a kid. This endeavor will take some time, but we can do it.

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