Friday, April 20, 2007

Everything's Gone Green

I'm about to go to Tinseltown to watch Everything's Gone Green. Here's what screenwriter Douglas Coupland has to say about the flick in this week's Straight:

“I mean, I'd like to say this film is about 'a boy, a girl, a city', you know? I think in general I just saw one Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper box too many in town on film sets, and thought 'Let's do something here—where here is here.' Our main character, Ryan [Costanzo] works for a mythical magazine that they might give you when you buy lottery tickets. The lottery is a metaphor for the whole nature of living here. I mean, honestly, living in Vancouver at the late part of the 20th century and the early part of the 21st is one of the great lottery wins of all time. So the whole film is actually about Vancouver and the things that make this city different than any other city on Earth that I know of. It's the only city in North America that never got freeway'd; we were on the ball enough to stop all that from happening in the '70s. As a result, all these little nodes around the city have been allowed to remain distinct. We're one of the youngest cities on the planet and we haven't achieved our final form yet.”

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