Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Excuses Excuses Bloody Excuses

"Hi, we have a placement for you. We know the next one is supposed to go to the other place, but...

  • ...you've had this one before so it's best for them."
  • ...the weather has made the road conditions very unsafe and you're much closer."
  • ...they are very high energy and we know you can handle that better than the other place."
  • ...they may be returned today, so it's better for us to make the short drive twice to you rather than making the long drive twice to the other place."
  • ...the other place doesn't have the proper accomodations needed for this placement."
  • ...we suck and don't care about you in the least."


Anonymous said...

You just have to breath and let it go. Just remind yourself that these kids are better off with us than with her.

jblueafterglow said...

wisely put. i can't control what they do, i can only control what i do.