Saturday, March 18, 2006

Plog Broblems

I'm having difficulty viewing my own blog and no difficulty viewing other people's blogs and I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the recent emerson post. I did see reports that blogger was doing maintenance and stuff so maybe I'm just being paranoid. Has anyone else experienced problems viewing my blog? I've also tinkered with the right sidebar and looked at getting google ads on here.. hope I didn't muck anything up.

Edited a short while later:
Okay, seems to be working normal now. And the blog looks good, except for the fact that the right sidebar begins when the central part ends. I've tried several times to correct it, and each time is more disastrous than the last. Please help. PLEASE! How do I get the sidebar to elevate itself back to normal?

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robedger said...

this is happening with Andrea's Blog as well. Like you, everytime I try to fix it, it looks worse than before. Sorry for not being able to help you, I'm really just hoping that if you ever figure out how to fix the problem you can clue us into how you did it.