Tuesday, March 21, 2006

In BC's Future?

Washington state, along with other states, are setting a good example.

Click the pic.

Questions are raised though. "Smoking is now prohibited in all public places and all workplaces." Is it actually all public places, or is it all indoor public places? The headline says "expanded indoor smoking law", but it should be more clear throughout.

Especially because it says, and all workplaces. Clearly stated: "workplace" means any area which employees are required to pass through during the course of employment. Well then, what about park board employees? Their job requires passing through parks. Therefore, shouldn't the parks be smoke-free? There is a chance that parks are included, but I highly doubt it. I don't believe Initiative 901 would have been "overwhelmingly approved" if they are. I could be wrong, maybe I'm underestimating Washingtononians.

Park board employees are but one such example. There are others that, during the course of employment, pass through outside areas. Canada Post employees, landscapers, and dogwalkers are among them.

This is good:
"Is it true that there is no smoking 25 feet in front of any door or window?
Smoking is now restricted 25 feet from all doorways, windows and air intakes of any protected space mentioned above."

There have been so many times when I've exited a building and have had no choice but to walk through a thick cloud of smoke. Not only has my health been compromised but now I, and my clothes, smell as though I've been smoking.

Let's have a BC vote eh.


mattias said...

interesting. Lately I've been considering taking up the smoking habit. If I lived in WA I might have to reconsider.

Seriously though, WA is pretty cool. I took a trip to Seattle last week and I'm already planning another one with a bunch of kids in April. Power to the non-smokers! This news clip of yours seems more newsworthy than the news clips about Stephen Harper's hella heavy belly.

jblueafterglow said...

WA is cool isn't it?

have you done the underground tour in seattle? it's great. i can definitely say that a bunch of kids would probably like it.

and you haven't been at a concert until you've been at a concert at the gorge. wow.