Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pics of Peeps

The first two pics were taken in September of 2005 in Seattle. Biscotti and I traveled down there for the weekend to catch a Mariners game at beautiful Safeco field.

Biscotti and I on the Seattle monorail.

Accompanying us on the Seattle trip were K & K, who can be spotted in this pic, a unique shot on an elevator. Probably the coolest elevator picture you will ever see. If you ever see a cooler one, let me know.

This next pic was taken almost exactly a year ago at the Troller in Horseshoe Bay, the premiere stop on The Crawl with Spirit of the West. Look at my hair! Biscotti is gorgeous as usual. Click to enlarge.

And this one is a family shot, taken sometime around the first of May, 2005. Definitely no later than that. From l-r: G, G, G, B, R. It's a good looking bunch, eh. Click to enlarge.

Can anyone out there help me get the right sidebar back to its normal position? I'll be your best friend....

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