Monday, September 26, 2005

Wild Animals

I don't get it. Humans have been demolishing forests, which serve as habitats for many species, in order to make housing. There are lots of places to build housing in the world without destroying someone's lifelong home, but hey, let's build a little further up the mountains of the north shore. And hey, since we live here now, let's shoot and kill any being that dares to come close to us. You're attracted to our garbage can, well then, you must die. And it's not 'putting them to sleep' or 'laying them to rest' or 'sending them off to aunt Maggie's farm', it's 'having them destroyed'. It's as if these living breathing animals are asteroids coming towards earth. 'The bear has since been destroyed'. Nice. Recently a man near Prince George was driving alone on a logging road when his car broke down. Rather than walk to town on the road, he attempted to shortcut through the woods. He was ultimately found dead, killed by a bear. Authorities say that he came upon a bear and two cubs. If it's found that the man startled the bears and was killed in self-defensive, the bears will get to live. That's nice of us. BUT, if the bears killed him in a predatory manner, then they will have to be 'destroyed'. Why? WTF? This guy walks through their home, gets killed by a wild frickin' bear, and so now we must go and kill the bears. I don't agree.

While I'm on this topic, coyotes have been visible in Vancouver parks, and on the streets, for a little while. There have been a few incidents of coyote/human conflict. One such case was a coyote 'nipping' at a little girl in, if memory serves me correct, Vanier Park. I believe the coyote only got clothing, no skin. However, if the guilty coyote could be figured out, the guilty coyote would be destroyed. So a human being could do much worse, so much worse, to this little girl and have very little happen to him, but this coyote, with natural instincts, nips her clothing and must die. I believe the girl was about 6 years young. Where were her parents/guardians?

In related news, Biscotti's Morgan was the second person destroyed on Survivor. She has since jumped onto the Judd bandwagon.

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