Monday, September 19, 2005

Survivor & Amazing Race Pools


Biscotti and I joined a survivor pool. I got Judd, a 35-year-old hotel doorman from New York City. He scared me during the premiere when he was first out of the canoe and ended up flopping around like a beached whale in a pool of mud. He then did nothing but lie around camp feeling quite sick, so, when our tribe Nakum (yes, our tribe) lost the immunity challenge, I wasn't feeling too confident. Luckily, all the males on his tribe also lay around feeling sick, so he was spared. Turns out the oldest male on Nakum not only felt sick, but had disfigured his arm during the challenge. We live to see another day. Click here for more on Judd Sergeant. His favorite movie? The Jerk.

Biscotti got Morgan, who happens to be on the other tribe, Yaxha. Morgan is a 21-year-old model/entertainer. She flew under the radar during the premiere, and was on the team that one immunity so not much drama there. So every episode will have either my life, I mean five bucks, or Biscotti's life, I mean five bucks, on the line. Wish us luck. Click here for more on Morgan McDevitt (take note, "Occupation: model" is a link..). Her favorite board game? Chess.

Amazing Race

Biscotti and I started an Amazing Race pool. Two actually. In the first pool we've been paired up with The Bransen Family, made up of a father and his three twenty-something daughters who, get this, once appeared together in a Pert shampoo commercial several years ago.

In the second pool we got The Aiello Family, a 57-year-old and his three son-in-laws. Nothing titillating there. This is, CBS says, their first official trip without their wives by their sides. Official? They've taken unofficial trips? Now it's official because it's a race? Good luck boys.

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