Friday, January 28, 2005

What the Curse?

know, i'm not bak onto the topik of the red socks. a gurl at my wirk sed "dammit" the other day. I found it, and the sitch-u-ay-shun, amusing, and their4 started to laff. maby mor of a chukle. another leader herd wat she sed and scolded her. eye didn't even think of it as bean bad. duz that make me a bad litre? shood of scolded her? c'mon, saying "dammit" ain't that bad izit? from the route uv "damnation", i spose it's kinda bad. but rilly, of all the wurs things that cood be sed, "dammit" ain't that bad.. i gues i kinda let the kids get away with mor than sum other litres wood. the way eye c it, wuts the point of bean so strict wen they our going two leave and tawk like that thirdy minits l8r? as long as it's sed farely kwyit and the yunger kids don't here it, just let it slide. that shood be mi gnu moddo.. "let it slide.." into thurd, saphe!

don't say people lose people all the time anymore
- tth

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