Monday, January 17, 2005

City Chase

City Chase is on Saturday May 14th, 2005. Biscotti and I did City Chase last May and it was incredibly fun. Modeled after the fantastic Amazing Race reality series, City Chase is a one day event in several Canadian cities. It is part urban obstacle course, part scavenger hunt. Biscotti and I are probably going to "compete" again this year, with the quotation marks there because for us it isn't a competition, it's an event. First place in Vancouver last year was, ummmm, two hours? Two and a half hours? Three hours? Can't remember exactly, will edit this when I do. Anyway, Biscotti and I finished about one minute before the six hour time limit, and didn't care one bit. Some highlights: Biscotti in the ocean at second beach.. Busking at Lonsdale Quay to raise five dollars for Junior Achievement.. Winning Ryder sunglasses, a pair each.. I tell you again for the first time, this year it's on Saturday May 14th, 2005.. Mark your calendars and sign up now! You can thank me later, you know where to find me..

Edited on Saturday, January 22nd, 2005 to add the following:

For photos of last year's event, go to the City Chase website, click on "Past Results & Photos", then "Check out the 2004 Results", and then on whichever city you want to check out.. Or just click here for Vancouver photos. The Vancouver photos are quite uneventful. The winners are bottom right, with a finishing time of 3:08:55, which means Biscotti and I, with an official time of 5:56:42, trailed the winners by less than three hours! Better photos can be found for Toronto and the National Championships in Victoria. Here's a quote from the site regarding the championships, which was aired on Global in late November: " a show of tremendous camaraderie and sportsmanship, Team Toronto and Team Vancouver crossed the finish line together a mere 6 minutes after the winners." From that it sounds like they finished tied for second. They actually tied for fourth. Two teams finished less than a minute after the winners.. Amazing, but true!

I'd like to point out, after one of the photos jogged my memory, that we had to do a jigsaw puzzle that consisted of about 25 irregular-shaped pieces. We were missing a piece!!! A crucial piece that really would've helped us out.. There is no doubt that this is what prevented us from winning the race.


stodmyk said...

Seriously considering it... I just need to find someone to do it with me. (Story of m'life, don'tchaknow ;))

D'ya have any pictures from the event last year?

jblueafterglow said...

What about your fiancé as someone to do it with? The only pictures I have are of me and Biscotti at her place post-race, still in uniform and with green and blue hair, dyed at a chasepoint.. I found some photos on the citychase website, but this comment section apparently won't allow links, so I'm going to edit my post.. Look up!