Monday, February 28, 2011

Once upon a tweet

I joined Twitter a long time ago. I stayed with it long enough to post 245 tweets (mostly inane stuff, and a significant amount aimed at - or replies to - a couple of people), with the most recent one being on May 2, 2010. From May 12, 2010, until today, 25 Twitter users have signed up to follow me. Why?! Is it based on past tweets that struck a chord with them? Did a past tweet have synergy with a product they're selling? The thing is, more than 50 million tweets are posted every single day (source), so surely there must be something more recent and relevant than anything I ever posted that could help my newest followers. Maybe the new followers simply liked my background - a wallpapered image of my dogs. Okay, but they'd first have to be on my page, and what would have brought them there? My ten-month-old declaration that green grapes are delicious?

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