Sunday, February 15, 2009


During a televised tennis match, either Nadal or his opponent hit a remarkable winning shot to end a long, engaging rally and the two commentators simultaneously exulted with one-word exclamations:


I loved how the tennis display had caused the commentators to express such joy and, even moreso, how their impromptu word choices rhymed with each other and had differently spelt endings.

Talking to my dad about the teams featured in the next Amazing Race (starts tonight! Go Margie & Luke and the brunette babes!), I mentioned how an all-girl team has never won the race. Thus far, the team that has had the best chance, in my opinion, was Dustin & Kandice. Anyway, a few minutes later my dad was asking what I was saying about "inaugural"? It took some thought as to what he heard as inaugural, before I realized he misheard "an all-girl" as "inaugural". Say them out-loud and hear the similarity for yourself.

There is a corner store near my sister-in-law's place that has this written on their awning:
Makes me think that the store is offering a warning that if you leave some bananas and and some mangoes in the same room unattended, they'll start gettin' it on and forty weeks later some poinsettias will miraculously appear.

Today's run route
In Pacific Spirit Park, start at Sasamat Reservoir, down Sasamat, right at Council, right at Sword Fern, turn around at Salish, left at Long, left at Salish, right at Council, left at Sasamat, end at Sasamat Reservoir.
Today's run time
44 minutes 25 seconds

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