Saturday, August 02, 2008

The new X-Files movie

Saw the new X-Files movie. Liked it during. Didn't like it after. More to follow..


When going to see a new movie, I tend either to not have expectations or to have low ones. This helps me to avoid disappointment. However, my expectations for the new X-Files movie were high. During its run it was my number one show to watch, and I would say my favorite television show of all-time. I was present during the filming of the opening scene of the final Vancouver-shot episode.

It was great to see Mulder and Scully again. The movie progressed and I was pretty content, if only because I was seeing Mulder and Scully again. As usual, Mulder believes the psychic who is helping solve a mystery, and Scully has her doubts. If the plot came anywhere near one of the better episodes of years past, then it would've been an above-average, possibly great, movie. But the plot was crap.

While it was great, sort of, to see Mulder and Scully again, where were all the others? Sure, it's been a long time since the series wrapped, but I expected to see some familiar faces. All we got was Skinner and he was barely present. Also, where were the aliens and the supernatural aspects? A review I read after seeing the movie said the whole thing played out like an extended CSI episode, which I agree with even though I'm only partially familiar with CSI. It was basically a missings person(s) case. Back to Mulder and Scully, I felt that the chemistry between them was completely gone. There was no closeness, no bond, no nothing.

The FBI agents played by Amanda Peet and Xzibit REALLY annoyed me. Horrible characters. They seemed really dumb (Peet) and uninterested (Xzibit) for FBI agents. Any new clues and the guy always wanted to give up on it right away. And in Peet's death scene (I told you there'd be spoilers), she's chasing the bad guy, knows he's close by, and yet she stands near a drop-off looking up at Mulder for a lonnng time. Whoa, hey, now the guy is standing right in front of her and pushie-pushie and buh-bye. Dumb.

Speaking of dumb, Scully doing medical/surgical research by googling?!? Ummm, how about medical journals and the like? I'm upset because I wanted the movie to be so great and it so wasn't. Damn.

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