Saturday, January 26, 2008

Snowshoeing to Hollyburn Peak

A few days ago, Wednesday the 23rd to be exact, Biscotti and I went snowshoeing with L&G. We had planned to do Cypress Mountain's trails, as the four of us did last year, but rather than repeating last year's up-the-east-side-down-the-east-side, we would go up-the-west-side-down-the-east-side. At least, that's what we originally wanted to do. Instead we snowshoed too far west, and were well into our ascent when we were informed that we were backcountry on BC Parks land, headed towards Hollyburn Peak, and that the Cypress passes that we had each spent ten dollars on were unnecessary. Oh well, it was the best mistake - and overpayment - we ever made; the day was perfectly clear and instead of being surrounded by trees the entire time, we were treated to billion dollar views. The Cypress trails allow dogs, but because they have to be on-leash at all times we had left our fat donkeys at home. The BC Parks trail to Hollyburn Peak, however, is off-leash, so we plan on going back real soon with our two four-legged canine companions. We're also planning on buying our own snowshoes. Mine I'll probably buy at Coast Mountain Sports with the help of a gift certificate that G&T&G&E gave me for my birthday - thanks! Click on the above pics to enlarge them, scroll down for three more pics, and click here to see more pics of the trek.

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cher said...

you bet your snowshoes i checked out the other video.

sounds like a nice day, but you are coming across a little on the bossy side in this post...just so you know. do this, click here...blah blah blah. i'm going to go look at pictures of my beach. maybe even a video.