Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Elfing Christmas!

Please note: the dancing elves are no longer watchable, so don't bother clicking the links in this post.

Courtesy the genius creators at, Biscotti and I are pleased to present to you the Aubertin clan performing a holly jolly Christmas jig. Watch our dancing (s)elves by clicking here.

And here are some friends doing a very similar jig...
If you've done one up and it's not listed, please send me the link.

Merry Christmas!


Jackie said...

Hi Rob, happy new year

for the record, i think your blog is nice blend of fun and amusing posts, keep it up!


jblueafterglow said...

happy new year to you too jackie! and thanks for the encouragement..

we should go for a bike ride sometime, we could check out the view at puss-in-boots square!