Sunday, October 28, 2007


Mid-summer I began running regularly, every other day. Traveling trails in Pacific Spirit Park I went for about half an hour the first few times, then extended it to 50 minutes, restricted to leashing-optional trails because of our fat donkeys. For the past month or so I've been running the same circuit, finishing with a grueling-for-me uphill. Gradually getting stronger I lowered my time to 44 minutes. But, while running the same distance faster is good, that doesn't help with my goal of running a half-marathon (and then a marathon). So today I did my regular circuit in reverse, and went I got to the start/finish I turned around and did the circuit normally. One hour and thirty-one minutes later I was back at the start/finish and very chuffed.

That is 50% longer than my second longest-in-time run. Until now, I have never run regularly, but many years ago I used to do the Sun Run every year. Eight or nine years ago I had run the 10K Sun Run in 59 minutes and two weeks later I ran a 10K at UBC in 45 minutes - the 14 minute differential all about the huge mass of people (approx. 40,000 people) at the Sun Run and nothing to do with any improvement on my part, because there was none. It was just a fortnight later and I did nothing to train in between. Anyway, that 59 minute Sun Run is no longer the longest-in-time run of my life. But I'm left wondering how far I ran today.

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