Saturday, January 20, 2007

Premature Folding

Once upon a time there was a boy named Rob. One thing he liked to do was play poker. Not for huge amounts of money - $5 and $10 games now and then with friends. For his birthday in 2006, he received a poker table which made him very happy as it was a very nice table. Two weeks after his birthday he hosted a poker night - a good time was had and the table proved to be most excellent.

A week later he opened up a belated birthday present and much to his surprise he received a very nice case of poker chips - what a great present; Rob could hardly wait to host another poker night. He would no longer have to borrow the necessary supplies from friends and family when hosting poker nights. Excited, Rob sent out an email to 19 friends on Monday January 8, 2007. Here is that email in its entirety:

Gentlemen, start your poker faces. Next poker night is Saturday January 20, 2007. 6:30pm. Who's available? RSVP!

From that, is one expected to RSVP only if they're coming, or is one to RSVP regardless of attendance or absence? Rob thought the latter. However, eight days later, Tuesday January 16, only 4 of the 19 had emailed a response; only one of those being a "yes". Disappointed, Rob then sent out an update email to 10 of the 15 non-responders whom he deemed to be most likely to attend. Here is that email in its entirety:

Hey Guys, There is currently insufficient people for poker. Please give me a "yes" or "no" by email by 9pm Thursday so I know if it's going to happen or not.. Gracias,

Rob had thought that the italicized-please begging would pull some heartstrings and get his friends a-typing. Rob thought wrong. 2 of the 10 emailed back; one said "no", one said "yes". Including himself, Rob now counted a total of three yeses. He demanded a recount. The first total was replicated, a total of three yeses. Three people does not a poker night make.

On Friday morning Rob let the two yeses know that poker night was canceled. He felt sad, and a little angry.


stodmyk said...

Aw, dude, it was my anniversary! (Our first wedding was in January two years back...)

I promise I'm in for February's game, as long as it's not on the 11th. That's the family birthday bash for the February babies (there are, like, five of us dude!)

Oh, and sorry about the 'dude' thing; I've watched two full seasons of LOST in the past few months, and dude, damned if I'm not talking like Hurley, like ALL the TIME!

jblueafterglow said...

no worries stodmyk, you're one of the good fellas - i heard back from you! will try again in february, and i don't take promises lightly dude..

you just watched the first two seasons of lost? great isn't it? we missed out on the first season, bought it, got hooked, and have been faithful wednesday evening viewers ever since.. dude.

jblueafterglow said...

...and happy belated anniversary to you and nadia!