Monday, January 22, 2007

AR All-Stars!

For the last few editions of Amazing Race I've organized a pool. First-come first serve, the pools are full when the number of teams has been met. I then randomly match participants to teams, with the help of at least one outsider to help prevent accusations of rigging. I announce the matchings, and participants then tune in to AR each week and cheer their team on. After each episode, I send out an update email with race-leg highlights and bidding adieu to the eliminated particpant. At the end of the race the winner of the race takes home the moola. How much moola? Well, depends on the pool; there's a $5 pool and a $10 pool. At $5 each with 11 teams, winner gets $55 - for a $50 profit. Double that for the $10 pool.

The next edition of AR is an All-Stars version! Starting on Sunday February 18th we get to see, among others, season 7 runners-up Boston Rob & Amber, season 7 winners Uchenna & Joyce, and, interestingly, haven't-raced-as-a-team-before Eric & Danielle from season 9.

I'll be sending out an invite email in the next two weeks. There may be a blog reader or two who watches AR and would like to be a pool participant. If I don't have your email address, please spark the glow expressing your interest. No guarantees of acceptance.

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