Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Just two more days, just two more days

Two of several reasons I have an unhealthy addiction to reading the Westender each week.

1) In this week's Curious Times...

We're Just Following Orders: Alien abductee researcher Preston Dennett has compiled a list of things that aliens sometimes say to their abductees. Dennett admits that face-to-face encounters with aliens are by far the rarest type of UFO experience, and extraterrestrials are very reluctant to talk to their abductees. However, in 20 years of research he has found a handful of cases in which aliens have actually spoken. Generally, he says, aliens don't speak, and when they do speak, they often repeat themselves, saying the same few phrases to all of their abductees. Here then, are some of the top alien
phrases: "Do not be afraid, we won't hurt you"; "You won't remember this"; "We need babies"; "Our emotions are different than yours"; "We are from a place you don't know about yet"; "We've been here a long, long time"; and "It is very important we do this." (Llewellyn Journal)

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