Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hockey News

Where was I when I heard the big news? I was on my way to the Richmond Night Market. L&G mentioned offhand something about us getting Luongo. Wha?? was my response. As if on cue, the radio personality then confirmed it; Luongo was coming here, Auld and Allen were headed to FLA. It wasn't til the next time the radio reported it that I heard that Bertuzzi was part of the deal too, and that we also got a defenseman, Krajicek. Wowzers, quite the multi-player deal by the 'Nucks.. I'm happy Bert's gone, but feel sorry for Clouts. It seems I'm one of a select few who was a fan of his. I liked his feistiness. Having said that, I'm verrrrry excited, possibly even titillated, that Luongo is coming to town. Read the story here.

After typing that last sentence, I went searching for online news stories about the trade, and came across another news story. According
to National Post: Theodore dumped over Hilton tryst (never mind that he's "Mr. Theordore" at one point in the story). Yowzers, Theodore used to be a fave of mine, having helped my fantasy team when I picked him up mid-to-late-season a few seasons back, and he promptly had a phenomenal run into the playoffs. Since then, enh, not so much. And now Paris? C'mon Jose, father to a 3-month-old with your girlfriend of 8 years, and you do this? Is this called gossiping? Am I gossiping? Look at me, I'm gossiping! But seriously, this is not something hockey players do, especially not Canadian hockey players. Jose, I don't even know who you are anymore.

Beddie-byes. Germany plays Sweden in a knock-out match in just over seven hours. It's gonna be good.

(*** I have a cool pic of the Night Market to go with the first paragraph, but frickin' blogger is being stupid and won't let me post it, or any other pic either. GD. ***)

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