Saturday, April 01, 2006

Wedding Prep Classes

Biscotti and I have completed two thirds of our wedding preparation classes. Thus far, it's been far less useful than I thought it would be, than it could be, than it ought to be.

Some things from today's class

One presenting couple, married several years, cited some statistics regarding
divorce rates. Divorce rate is 1 in 2. Among couples that attend church regularly, divorce rate is 1 in 5. Among couples that pray every day, divorce rate is 1 in 1000. (I don't know exactly where they got these statistics. They mentioned a few sources, including Reader's Digest. Hardly scientific.) The female of the couple ended their presentation by encouraging us to try to be the 1 in 1000. Huh? The 1 in 1000 is what we're trying not to be. We want to be one of the 999. Hmm, truth be told, we actually want to be the one of the 1 in the first stat. (You know, the good one.)

Before the wedding day: laid-back (positive characteristic)
After the wedding day: laziness (negative characteristic)

Seating at the classes is theatre style, with minimal interaction between couples-in-training. Everyone is attempting to have an air of sophistication; behaving good and proper. Sitting in the front row last Saturday and today was a guy in a Leaf's hat. One presenting couple talked of meeting each other many years ago while studying at U of T, then motioned towards the aforementioned guy and said, "Go Leafs." Without hesitation, the room of 100+ began booing. It was great.


andrea said...

Do you guys have to sign some type of contract for your marraige? I've heard there's a contract you have to sign to get married in a Catholic church making you agree to things like not using birth-control, raising your kids Catholic, etc... Is that true?

jblueafterglow said...

It's partially true, andrea. There is a verbal contract.

Brad Cumiskey said...

I laughing out loud right now. Kathlyn and I took the same classes. My favourite topic: The Billings Method ("Hey baby, what kind of mucus day are you having?")

jblueafterglow said...

brad, we just got home from our final class, and what a way to start your day.. 9am: mucus!

the final presentation was an hour and a half straight, all about finances. zzzzzzzzzzzz