Monday, January 02, 2006

Additions to the Family

New Year's Eve was a great day for Biscotti and I. A few weeks ago, Biscotti was searching for dogs to adopt. She saw that a stray dog was taken in by the Coquitlam Animal Shelter, been given a quick exam and was found to be pregnant. We went to visit with the 8 puppies and filled out a long and detailed application. Upon hearing us mention that we'd love to adopt two of them, a staff member sugested we write that on the application, so we did. In several different sections.

Can you guess what happened two weeks later? The phone call came on Thursday the 29th, and we picked our two puppies up at noon on the 31st.

Welcome to the family Maui and Holly!

Tildy is on edge, but for several years she
lived with two dogs, one of them being quite large, so she should be okay in due time.

(Click on the two smaller pics to enlarge)


cher said...

wow! congradulations on the new additions! keep posting pics of them, pretty soon they'll be full blown dogs and not as cute.

cher said...

oh, and happy poop scooping!

jblueafterglow said...

i caught a typo of yours. pretty soon they'll be full blown dogs and just as cute.

poop scooping outside is fine. poop scooping inside is getting real old real fast.

there will definitely be more pics, just you wait. there hasn't been much time for blog posts lately though..