Saturday, April 09, 2011

run pizza hockey

This morning's run started out great. The weather was ideal for running and my body felt good, especially my legs, which have been a tad fatigued lately. About 15 minutes in, I started getting a bit warm. While the local temperature has been gradually increasing, it still seemed like wearing my running pants and long-sleeved shirt was the best option. No, too warm. But I could fight through that. However, at about the 30-minute mark my belly got punched. Yesterday evening at work I succumbed to my hunger and got two slices of pizza. I should've stuck with one, if any. Because at the 30-minute mark, those two slices hit me hard. Overheated and belly-punched by pizza, I couldn't continue, and for the first time in a long time I cut my run short. There are only eight more days - and three more runs - before the Sun Run happens, and I have a time-goal that I want to be under. Therefore, no more pizza before Sunday. Then, after the Sun Run, it can be a pizza-fest as I watch game three of the Canucks/Blackhawks series. Playoff hockey is just two sleeps away!

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