Thursday, July 23, 2009

I’m Sorry to Hear That You’re Having Difficulty

I read an article today that I thoroughly enjoyed and am now recommending to you. In "I’m Sorry to Hear That You’re Having Difficulty" the writer shares his experiences from his career in ISP tech support. An excerpt:
Callers from New England spoke with a certain sense of entitlement. They were usually intelligent and sometimes downright mean, but I enjoyed our conversations. A guy from Massachusetts called in one time because he had lost his Internet connection. I determined that his router was the problem, and that a reset would probably work. Unfortunately, he had just renovated the room, and figuring that he didn't ever need to touch or look at that ugly plastic box again, he completely obscured it with drywall, power cord and all. His Jersey-accented reaction, upon realizing his mistake:

"Are you telling me that I need to unplug that router and plug it back in, and I fuckin' walled it over? Fuck me. Fuck me! I'm an asshole. Fuck! You're loving this, aren't you, you cocksucker? Laugh at me. I deserve it. I'm a stupid son of a bitch. God damn it. Fuck! Jesus Christ!"

So, with his permission, I started laughing, and couldn't stop. We continued like that for a couple of minutes before he ended the conversation. "Wow. Fuck me, I'm a fuckin' retard. Laugh it up, dickhead." Then he proceeded to laugh, and hung up on me. It made my day.

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