Monday, April 20, 2009

NHL playoffs shakeup

I came across an interesting idea in a recent Georgia Straight article regarding NHL playoffs in future years. Here's an excerpt:

The top finishers in each conference get to select from the lower-ranking qualifiers in the first round only. In the NHL's case, let the three division winners in each conference pick from the teams that round out the playoff field. The first-place team would get to choose from the teams finishing fifth through eighth. The second-place finisher would then pick from the remaining teams, and the third-place team would be left with two teams to choose from. The fourth-place finisher—not a division winner—would still get home-ice advantage in the opening round and would face whichever team was not selected by the three teams that earned the right to choose.

Read the whole article by clicking here and then let me know what you think by sparking the glow under this post. I'm all for the changes suggested, for the reasons found in the article.

Today's run route
In Pacific Spirit Park, start at Sasamat Reservoir, south on Sasamat, right at Council, right at Salish, left at Sword Fern, left at Long, left at Salish, left at Council, left at Sword Fern, left at Long, left at Sasamat, end at Sasamat Reservoir.
Today's run time
50 minutes 38 seconds

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