Monday, March 16, 2009

Silent nights

Our home stereo gets used mostly for movie-watching sound, and sometimes I listen to talk radio. We rarely use it for listening to CDs anymore. Proof: I just opened the three-disc changer to see what was readily available for my hearing pleasure and found one spot empty and the other two spots each containing a Christmas CD. I closed the changer, turned off the stereo and opened up the Said the Whale folder on the computer.


Amy said...

Did you know that my cuz is co-founder of STW?! I love them too. Hope you're loving daddy-hood so far and getting some sleep : )

jblue said...

Hey Amy!

I actually did know that - K-Bax informed me. Cool stuff. I was briefly confused because I'm used to seeing "SOTW" for Spirit of the West but hadn't seen "STW" until your comment. I was like, is this the Amy I think it is? She's related to John Mann or Geoffrey Kelly? But then I realized STW = Said the Whale and remembered K-Bax's comment and it all made sense.

Daddy-hood is fantastic. How are the three of you?