Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Inaugural Canoe Use

Stroke! Stroke!
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Do you remember back in June when I wrote that we got possession of a canoe and would be using it many times this summer? Probably not, eh. Neither do I. Anyway, we went to Harrison Hot Springs on Sunday and used it for the first time. It has a spiffy new paint job - and it floats! While at Harrison Sandra and I also went Sea-Dooing, a first for both of us. The whole day was pretty radical.


cher said...

its so cool that i not only remeber you saying you got a canoe (maybe my brain damage isn't as bad as i thought) but i also know where and have been to harrison sooo many times. i love it there. rob and i lived in chilliwack and used to love to ride our bikes out there....

jblueafterglow said...

i'm jealous - that area would be amazing for bikes rides, it's so beautiful.. i thought this was my first time at harrison, but my mother tells me i was taken there as a young 'un.

i hope i didn't brain my damage - homer