Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Blueberry Muffin Saga

It has always been easy to buy a blueberry muffin. Until yesterday.

Biscotti and I were at Rona on Grandview Highway, browsing the Christmas sections, looking at the LED lights and artificial trees. Empty handed, we walked towards the exit, stopping at the in-store Robin's Donuts. My eyes immediately spotted a tray of delicious looking blueberry muffins. (I love blueberry muffins so the phrase delicious looking is redundant.) Biscotti ordered a maple walnut donut and I ordered a blueberry muffin. As the worker went to get Biscotti's donut, she pulled out the wrong tray. No, these ones here, Biscotti pointed out. I didn't think to watch as she walked to the other side to get my blueberry muffin as it would take a lot of work to get that wrong. The two bags were put on the counter, we paid with a plethora of coins, and continued our exit route.

After a few steps I opened my paper bag, looked inside, and stopped suddenly. What's wrong, Biscotti asked. She gave me the wrong one, this muffin is brown. I pull it out to make sure it's not just the brown bag making it look brown. It had blueberries, but it was bran. I hadn't asked for a blueberry bran muffin, I had asked for a blueberry muffin. Blueberry bran muffins are neither delicious nor delicious looking. Walking back the few steps, I saw for the first time that there were only three trays of muffins. Side by side were a tray of blueberry bran muffins and a tray of blueberry oat bran muffins; above these were the regular blueberry muffins that I wanted and had thought that I had ordered. After waiting behind the slowest orderer ever, we give the worker back the bag and tell her we asked for the regular blueberry muffin. She looks down at the small collection of muffins and says, oh, sorry. She then grabs a new bag and proceeds to pull out the tray that has the blueberry bran muffins. NO, Biscotti and I say simultaneously. Biscotti steps up to the glass. THESE ONES, she says as she points to the tray above, THE REGULAR ONES. Worker replies, oh, sorry. Pulls out the correct tray and we finally get the correct muffin.

It would've been so frustrating if it hadn't been so comical. I feel sorry for people who are that incompetent at a very basic job.


cher said...

rule #1- never feel sorry for these people/

rule#2- stay around as long as you can and heckle them. loudly...

cher said...

do you read my comments?

jblueafterglow said...

that's weird. i was just thinking that i've been bad and haven't been responding to your comments and then i see that question of yours. yes i read them. and get a kick out of them. 'it's almost christmas, we get it, you had pumpkins.'

as for the rules above, i would have loved to have stayed and heckled, didn't even think of it. but besides the slowest orderer ever, there was no one around, which compounds her incompetence. it's not like she was overwhelmed and flustered.

maybe when i have some free time, i'll go back and heckle. easy target though. i prefer a challenge.

cher said...

there you go! see? now i feel validated!

how funny would it have been to heckle her anyway? "oh ya...fill up that salt shaker...look at you go! no wonder you make the BIG BUCKS!"