Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Group Phone Messages

I have an idea. You know how you can type one email and send it to as many people as your heart desires? I'd like the same type of option with phone messages. I know of, and have used several times, a number you can dial where you can ultimately leave a message on someone's answering machine without the phone ringing. (No, I haven't done that to you!) I believe this can only be done on a landline number with call answer. If that feature was available for all existing phone numbers, then my idea couldn't be too hard could it? It would undoubtedly require that those clunky answering machines become obsolete, with everyone adopting call answer. What do you think? There are often times when I just want to say a short something, the same short something, to a bunch of people, and it takes sooooooo much time calling everyone.. Soooooooo, group phone messages, yay or nay? Have I made my idea clear?


robedger said...

I have to ask... why do you call her Biscotti?

jblueafterglow said...

When I first started this blog, I had planned to keep it fully anonymous, hence the name jblueafterglow. To maintain anonymity I would refer to you-know-who as Biscotti. Then the Indians blog started and I decided to link my blog to it, *poof*, bye-bye anonymity.

But, to be honest, "Biscotti" began before my blog started, for reasons that will remain a mystery.