Tuesday, November 02, 2004


I had a job interview at Science World / Telusphere last Monday for the position of Science Facilitator. Overall I felt it was a decent interview, but there were a couple of things I wasn't happy with when it was all said and done. One such thing was having to pretend that the two female interviewers were a couple of kids that I had to entertain for a few minutes. All I had was a poem that they supplied me with. I could've done it so much better, but I just couldn't transform the interviewers into kids in order to do so. Got the call on Saturday saying, in effect, "Thanks, but no thanks."

This morning, after emailing them several weeks ago with my resumé, Carnegie Community Centre called and left a message asking me to come in for an interview on Friday. This is a job that I would really really like to get. Wish me luck okay.. Here's an exciting excerpt from the job posting:

Reporting to a Community Programmer, the Activities Coordinators (there are two Coordinators) consult and work with the CCC Association, community groups and individuals to develop, coordinate and implement programs and ensure safety and security at Oppenheimer Park . The coordinators are personally involved in program leadership; plan and participate in special events and out trips, including overnight trips; assist in the hiring and supervision of part-time staff and instructors; develop volunteer participation; assist in the administration of the park facility; monitor the annual program budget; assist in raising funds; and perform a community liaison function. Duties also include: assisting and providing support to patrons experiencing personal crisis, providing lay counseling or referral services as required; enforcing rules and patrolling the park and field house to keep them free from alcohol, drugs and violence; resolving patron and volunteer disputes; attending to medical emergencies and dealing with police or other emergency services; ensuring the park facilities and grounds are clean and that unsafe materials are removed.

I want this job this job is what I want I want this job this job is what I want I want this job this job is what I want I want this job

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